Project Finance

Financial Structuring
Hira Stocks has considerable expertise in Project Finance. We advice our clients right from the project conception stage followed by preparation of the project report and its techno commercial appraisal by accredited institutions with optimal financial structuring.

Project Report and Financial Feasibility Study
The feasibility study evaluates the project’s potential for success; we here at Hira Stocks with our team of finance specialist prepare extensive and detailed Project Report including Market Research, Financial Feasibility & Commissioning Assistance to evaluate the viability of business or projects. It helps our clients and lenders or investors to evaluate the risks and returns associated with the project.

Raising Project Equity
Project equity is usually invested in a company restricted in its business to ownership of a project. This single purpose nature generally makes earnings relatively predictable. We specialize in raising project equity. We have significant experience in arranging and distributing a range of financing instruments in the Indian capital markets. We arrange subordinated, high yield, and private placement debt securities, as well as private equity issued by corporate and projects. The objective is to provide access to high quality, low risk returns investment opportunities.

Raising Project loans
Hira Stocks arranges project loans for green field as well as expansion projects. The scope of work ranges from negotiations with the lending agencies to obtaining the final loan sanctions, document execution and disbursement

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