Private Equity Syndication

To capitalize on a given sector’s robust demand, external capital often becomes a catalyst to achieving market leadership. HiraStocks’s focus in this process is to assist companies in raising the necessary capital to meet their growth objectives.

We provide end-to-end advisory solutions to companies in high-growth markets on their capitalization/re-capitalization strategies, which help them to achieve their growth targets. Typical private equity funding engagements have several phases in which we work closely with the client’s team in consummating the transaction.

Phase 1: Collateral Preparation
In this phase, we start by knowing the company’s existing business profile, growth prospects and Hira Stocks knowledge of the private equity market. We help the client decide on the most effective capitalization strategy. We also prepare IM (Information Memorandum) which enables the transaction to be presented in front of potential investors in a structured way.

Phase 2: Roadshow and Investor Shortlisting
In this phase, Hira Stocks helps the client decide on the kind of private equity funds who will be the right investors for the client, holds initial discussions with the investors, helps the client have road-shows with meeting the potential investors and advises the client to prioritize among the investors to create a shortlist.

Hira Stocks uses its network of relationships with global private equity funds extensively in this phase to identify the right investors.

Phase 3: Commercial Term Sheet
In this phase, Hira Stocks helps the client analyze various offers from potential investors, drives deal negotiations with investors and ensures that the client enters into a term sheet with the private equity fund which meets the client’s strategic objectives.

Hira Stocks leverages its experience in closing transactions as well as its ability to create various options for its client, to create the most effective transaction for the
clients’ shareholders and employees.

Phase 4: Due Diligence and Closure

In this phase, Hira Stocks helps the client in co-ordinating the overall due diligence process, and negotiates on the final definitive agreements with the potential investor. Hira Stocks drives this process to reach closure on the transaction.

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