Corporate Finance

Structured Finance
For us, each of our client is unique and so is their financial requirements. Our products are non-standardized and structured to meet the specific financial objectives of our clients. We have a dedicated team of professionals who leverage their expertise on specialized areas like collateral debt obligations, administration of special purpose vehicles involved in securitizations, and likes.

Rupee Term Loans
We have been a dominant player in Term Loan Syndication for existing as well as new ventures. The term loans are structured in such a way so as to match the cash flows of the company and the debt servicing capacity of the project company. The Term Loans are syndicated through major Financial Institutions and Banks in India

ECB / Foreign Currency Loans
We arrange foreign currency loans for companies. Borrowings under foreign currency route are recommended only for those corporate who have a natural hedge through exports. Furthermore, the route of raising the fund through foreign currency borrowings is recommended by us only after conducting an in-depth analysis of the company vis-à-vis the conditions prevailing in the domestic as well as the international currency markets.

Working Capital Bank Limits
Hira Stocks uses its relationship network with all the banks and institutions to tie up working capital facilities for our clients. The limits would be arranged either through the multiple banking routes or through the consortium route, depending upon the size of the facility.

Asset Financing
Hira Stocks syndicates funds for financing capital asset acquisitions by companies. The funds are arranged through different instruments, which may be in the form of a term loan, lease, hire-purchase, supplier’s credit, etc. The instrument of financing is selected based on the company’s requirement

Debt Re-structuring
Hira Stocks is a dominant player in structured finance by designing and executing innovative structures using a wide variety of instruments and ideas including plain vanilla instruments & hybrid instruments. Hira Stocks arranges Indian Rupee loans, foreign currency loans and External Commercial Borrowings (ECB`s) for companies to meet their capital expenditure or to finance acquisitions / take over.

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