Debt Syndication

Debt syndication process helps the corporations to raise funds through structured financial products which cater to their financial requirements from initiation of projects to their expansion, and modernization. The scope of debt syndication covers both, the fund based as well as well as the non fund based services. The lenders in the process are mostly the banks (both nationalized and private) and the other financial lending institutions. The process of debt syndication requires strong knowledge base combined with the excellent relationships with banks and efficient analytical ability to bring to the clients the best deal in the least time.

Our teams, over the time have developed special techniques for the analysis and presentation of the case to the banks which has reduced, to a great extent, the economies of time scale. Our techniques are our USP because they are original and have been learnt gradually with experience. Our prime concern is that of providing our clients the best deal from the market and within the time frame which is legitimate.

We help our clients raise structured debt from the market, which includes cash-flow securitization and factoring under various structured financing options. Apart from debt and structured finance, Hira Stocks partners corporates in raising mezzanine debt financing and placing convertible instruments with investors.

In this business group, we also aid our clients raise rupee as well as foreign currency debt including syndication of ECBs and FCCBs.

Financial Restructuring, Turnaround Funding and Special Situations
The distressed debt market in India is presenting ARCs, banks and funds with new opportunities and challenges. Corporates with financial turnaround objectives are exploring ways to structure their capital and resolve debt overhang with innovative structures to improve valuations for stakeholders. Hira Stocks assists these corporates in working out a comprehensive restructuring and revival plan which includes working out strategies to unlock value out of assets or business and/or financial restructuring of liabilities. We leverage on the wide network of investors which Hira Stocks has access to and assist corporates to raise funds for implementing turnaround strategies and financial restructuring of liabilities.

Special situations include leveraged buyouts of companies in distress, syndicating equity or convertibles instruments in high yield situations and other opportunities. We also work with banks and investors in India and abroad who are looking at aggressively selling as well as buying NPA portfolios.

Under Debt Solutions we provide the following services:

o Project Feasibility Study
o Preparation of Project Report
o Advising on Debt Restructuring
o Financial Feasibility Study
o Debt Syndication Working Capital Loans
o Factoring

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